Flooding as the worst disaster

Anyways, flooding is probably the worst disaster that can strike. Sometimes things just float away, never to be found, sometimes things become so water-logged that they are next to useless, and sometimes things just get a little damp.

The three cars will probably start after they dry out, even though the one did a bit of smoking. The other cars that just plowed through will also probably dry out. No one, on my street, was injured (University Ave wasn't so lucky I heard) so that's good (although my wrist was bugging me to no end - guess that's what I get for helping out a babysitting damsel and two gents in distress - and if that car horn doesn't die soon there'll be homicides).

But, the power didn't go out, I waded through the water with my legs, not my car, and my stuff is fine, save the few bits of trash that went down the street (tomorrow is trash day, so ... at least I was able to take a hot shower).

Blessings counted.