Firebug: Don't enable for every site

After a deal of searching, I've finally discovered why my Firefox browser was crashing so often. So often, in fact, that I have Internet Explorer 7 a chance (and it showed how much of a fight it can now put up).

The short story: don't enable Firebug for all sites.

Gmail has recently been warning about this, stating that slow-downs are likely. One config setting, javascript.options.strict, when set to true, can also cause issues with Google AdSense.

Now that I've switched that to false, and only enabled Firebug for the sites that matter (the last wasn't necessary after changing the option, but it was nonetheless a good idea), I'm back and rolling with Firefox.

Now that I've been away for so long, though, I wonder if I should just uninstall all the versions I've got on my computer and just install Firefox 3 ...