Favorite new (to me) music of 2009

Keeping with the tradition started here, a list for 2010 is also available.

Having only listened to the radio a few times over the last year, I have a good idea of just what music I've listened to, since my iPod keeps track of everything.

With the help of iTunes Playlists to Xml and LINQPad, here's my favorite new (to me) album purchases of 2009.

To be on this list I must have purchased the album in 2009. This also doesn't include all albums I purchased.

Easy winners

These are the albums that easily are my favorites of 2009. To be on this list I've had them for a while and enjoy almost every song on the album, and am almost always in the mood to listen to them.

Meiko - Meiko : My only problem with this album is that Meiko hasn't seemed to have produced anything since. Near perfect album.

(A)spera - Mirah : For whatever reason, I had to re-find Mirah on my iPod. Unfortunately when I later picked up Advisory Committee, hoping I could find another album like this, it just didn't have the same feel ... although the first song is of course great.

Fur and Gold - Bat for Lashes : Their cover of I'm On Fire was what originally got me interested in Bat for Lashes, but she's got a very solid voice, with stories behind her lyris. After getting burned before, I hesitated picking up Two Suns. While I still like Fur and Gold more, I've started to get into the latter (especially after seeing the music video for Daniel, and realizing just how much imagery there is in that album as well).

Still Night, Still Light and Verses of Comfort, Assurance & Salvation - Au Revoir Simone : With The Bird of Music (not otherwise listed), I believe I have all of Au Revoir Simone's albums (including the remix album, which is listed below). These two are easy to start when I want to fill up a short time with some nice music. I'm still undecided about Bird, but I'm sure I'd pick up a new Au Revoir Simone album.

Close calls

The following albums are those that I enjoy, but that don't immediately come to mind, or require me to be in a particular mood.

Speak for Yourself - Imogen Heap : I think I found this on Last.fm. Unfortunately, while I was really looking forward to her new album Ellipse, I'll admit I was expecting a 'Speak for Yourself 2.'

The Flower Book - Émilie Simon : When I first picked this album up I listened to again and again. While I've slowed down a bit, I still really like this, and picked up her March of the Empress, and have been very tempted to pick up her live album.

The Con - Tegan and Sara : Tegan and Sara is another hit-or-miss group, but I listened to this album quite a lot when I first picked it up. I really like this, but haven't been able to get into So Jealous, which has stopped me from picking up their new album.

5:55 - Charlotte Gainsbourg : I listened to this quite a lot when I picked it up, and there's some songs I love, but I'm afraid that listening to it so much as decreased my appreciation of it.

Nolita - Keren Ann : Another that I listened to a lot when I first picked it up. She's got a solid voice, and Song of Alice, song by another, is one of my favorite songs. I picked up La Biographie De Luka Philipse and haven't been able to get into it as much as I'd like. Again, this has stopped me from picking up more of her work.

Psychédélices - Alizée : $25, this was by far the most expensive music purchase this year, but that's what happens when you have to pay import pricing, and you can't get it electronically. Didn't listen to it as much as her other albums, but nonetheless it's pretty solid.

Let It Die - Feist : Between this and The Reminder Feist has enough songs to keep me rather happy. But, I've got to be in just the right mood ...

Too hard to tell

These are albums that I like, but have a hard time putting into the above listing, for whatever reason. Or, they may be albums that I haven't had for very long, so it's too soon to tell.

Melankton - Kate Havnevik : Really great music, but I have to keep remembering that I like this. Why doesn't it jump out at me more? Is it like (A)spera where it'll eventually click? This puzzles me. Maybe I just need to be in the mood for it? Or is it the length (oddly enough)?

11:11 - Maria Taylor and Azure Ray - Azure Ray : Maria Taylor being a part of Azure Ray, these two are closely related. I should just pick up another Azure Ray album and get it done with.

Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? - Metric : I picked up Fantasies first, and enjoyed it enough to seek out more of Metric's works, but like Old World more. This is another where I just need to pick up another of their album's to see what happens.

Happy Smiles - T.A.T.U. : T.A.T.U. is one of my guilty pleasures, after hearing about them and purchasing T.A.T.U.: The Best. I just found out they released another album ... which I'll probably pick up after I finish this post.

Two Suns - Bat for Lashes : See my note on Bat for Lashes above. Again, I really want to like this one.

Structure & Cosmetics - The Brunettes : This is one of a very few albums featuring a male singer that made it on the positive lists. The two work so well together on this album.

Re-Arrange Us - Mates of State : Living in Madison, or knowing the people I knew, I saw a lot of Mates of State stickers, but I'd never really listened to them. Enjoy them, but have a hard time unconsciously pressing the play button when I get to them ...

It's Not Me, It's You - Lily Allen : Somehow a copy of Smile ended up on my computer, I believe from when I was trying to fix my sister's computer (or at least get all her data back). Alright, Still is still a great album, and this one is a pretty good follow-up.

Moon Safari - Air : Sounds great, but since I'm okay with this being my only Air album, I have a hard time moving it higher.

It's Blitz! - Yeah Yeah Yeahs : Played it quite a bit when I got it, but it's hard to press play unless I'm in the mood.

Too - Madita : I picked up this and Madita at the same time. Too starts very well, but I have a hard time getting excited much beyond that. I purchased this when I was iTunes-only for MP3s; I just now realized that Amazon seems to be short on her work, and I don't know what to make of that.

Oracular Spectacular - MGMT : Listened to it a lot when I got it, but have had a hard time since.

Rendezvous - French Affair : I just need to purchase another album. I like this, but have to make a conscious decision to choose it.

Kate Earl - Kate Earl : Having just purchased this, it's far too soon to tell.

Dancing The Whole Way Home - Miss Li : Another that I just purchased, but if I keep going as I am, this is one that will be near the top of my most played list ... and I'll have a few more of her albums in my collection.


And here are the albums that I wish I could take back.

Underachievers Please Try Harder - Camera Obscura : Here's another one that starts out good but quickly loses it's flavor.

Reverse Migration - Au Revoir Simone : While Au Revoir Simone made it on the top of my list, this album, consisting of remixes, is hit or miss. There are some songs I enjoy more here than the originals, but overall I should have just purchased one of their original albums sooner, saving this for last.

X & Y - Coldplay : If I wanted to listen to Bono, I'd listen to the U2 album I own.

Angel Milk - Télépopmusik : I knew I needed to get something by this group, but it seems this was the wrong one to start with ... or was it?

Reasonable Doubt - Jay-Z : Maybe it was the wrong Jay-Z album to start with?

Four Thieves Gone - The Robbinsville Sessions - The Avett Brothers : I taped my feet while I was listening to previews, and thought it was a good recommendation, but haven't listened to it after the first play.

Ellipse - Imogen Heap : Speak for Yourself 2 it is not. It's got some okay songs, but ...

Oaklandazulasylum - Why? : After some really good recommendations from my sister, I was hoping this would be another good one. It wasn't, and even seeing them play in Madison didn't help much.

Unplugged - Alicia Keys : A guilty pleasure, I've liked her other albums, but I just don't find her as good live.

Working On a Dream - Bruce Springsteen : I've been a big fan of Springsteen, but whether it's because my tastes have changed, or he's just not as good as he once was, this album was a big disappointment for me. Seeing as how my feelings on his other albums have changed over time, I'm hoping I just need to get a bit older to get into this.


And there it is.