Essential Firefox extensions for the Web producer/developer

There's a handful of extensions for Firefox that I found absolutely necessary in my day-to-day Web production and development. Below, I've outlined the essentials, as well as those that are near the top of the crop.

Please note that my current setup is Windows, with Firefox After each extension, I've listed the current version, at the time of this writing. I cannot speak for any versions before or after those listed.

1. Web Developer (version 1.0.2)

Interested in creating content on the Web? Without these extension, expect to spend more time than necessary tracking down bugs and flaws in layout, and so much more. Chris Pederick's extension is the only extension you really need to install - and without it, no Web producer's/developer's Firefox installation is complete.

2. HTML Validator (version 0.7.9)

If you're interested in valid code, than Marc's extension is an absolute must-have. If you're not, but you're a Web producer or developer, it's time to start getting interested. Install this extension and see what's going on, without having to check the W3C all the time.

3. The rest

Honestly, that's the only two extensions which are absolutely essential for a Web producer or developer. Anything other than these two are going to be specific to user preference.

For example, IE Tab (1.0.9) is pretty nice to use, but it's really not the essential. Live HTTP Headers (0.12) and Header Monitor (0.3.4) are also really nice extensions, but again not essential.

A9 SiteInfo (1.0) is for a niche audience, since the file necessary for this to work just isn't implemented that often.

Attention Recorder (0.64) have great potential, but until I can start seeing my data, it's only taking hard drive space.

I've heard raves about Greasemonkey, but have yet to really work with it. Part of me hates to install it, because I'm not too big on the idea of fixing other people's problems. If I visit a site that's got major problems, I'm going to send an email to the Webmaster, not fix it if I find the site useful. Likewise, I'm going to block ads, as I use them, and know that they bring in a bit of change. If you can make $100 a year, you've got a good host paid for for that span of time ...


Of course, there's plenty of extensions out there, that I haven't tried (and a number I've tried but removed because they just weren't getting used). So, if you think you're using an extension that an essential, leave a comment and let me know what you're using, and why it's an essential.