Don't let my recent posts confuse you

... I'm not an Ubuntu-only user yet (unlike some people I know).  Granted, I like using it, since I've believed, for some time, that if you want to run Apache, you can't really run it on Windows ...

(Granted, I'm having a really difficult time trying to stick to my guns with Apache, versus IIS, but ... well, more on that in the future.)

I will probably blow this current box away and re-install Ubuntu, without the Windows partition, and doing a lot more building from source, for example, for Firefox. However, I'm not ready to blow away my main box, and there's a big reason for that; Adobe.

Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Canon utilities for my Digital Rebel XT ... all reasons I need to keep my Windows box. Throw Internet Explorer 7.0 and Safari for Windows ... it's hard to justify really getting rid of my Windows system.

Upgrade the equipment on the machine I'm using for Linux?  Probably not. In fact, the next time I upgrade, it'll probably be to a Mac. Not that I'm a die-hard Mac user, but Mac's just look cool, and I'd really like to install Apache on a Mac ...

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