Cross Sums Number Combinations Guide

Not too surprisingly, the guide has become something of a hit. I also created a Windows program, around the same time, that would allow people to find combinations based upon the number of blanks you're allowed, followed by the number you need to determine. It's really quite a simple program (and one that I may look at creating for the Web, perhaps using AJAX ...).

I'm offering both for download here, absolutely free. (Of course, I always like to hear from people who have found any of my resources, whether they be articles or programs. And, I do have a PayPal link below if you'd like to send a donation :D)

Cross Sums Number Combination Guide [PDF: 283 KB]

Download the most current version - Cross Sums Helper 2.1. This version requires .NET Framework 2.0 or higher.

Cross Sums Helper v1.3.2 [EXE: 152 KB]

Cross Sums Helper v1.4.0, without the update utility [EXE: 172 KB] RECOMMENDED Thanks to Ordivore for his work on improving this program.

Microsoft Internet Transfer Control may be required on some computers for the version with the update utility [ZIP: 58.4 KB]

Since I haven't had too much need to update the program, I recommend you just down the version that doesn't have the upgrade utility. If you need assistance with the program, I have written a guide - the Cross Sums Helper Guide [PDF: 136 KB] - was written during version 1.2, but is still quite applicable.

Note that cross sums puzzles can also be called cross additions, kakuro, and kakro. Some people compare them to sudoku problems, but I don't see the similarity at all. Basically, a suduko puzzle just uses the sum of 45. I've never seen an easy cross sums of 'standard' size, while I've seen quite a plethora of easy 'standard' size sudoku problems. In short? Your average standard cross sums is probably going to be more difficult than your average standard sudoku.


A free cross sums generator is currently being created, called MojiCS. However, the creator has run into a problem. Perhaps you can help? Take a look at for a description of the problem, and contact information.

Thanks also to Shane Brandon for reminding me of X-Sums 98, available at for around $20. Shane also points out that a review of the program is available at