Cross Sums Helper 2.0 - testing needed

After sleeping on it (albeit poorly), I've resolved the issue that was stopping production on the new version of my Cross Sums Helper application.

However, I need some help testing.

Download Cross Sums Helper 2.0 - 67 KB (.NET Framework 2.0 or higher is required).

UPDATE: Download Cross Sums Helper 2.1 - 65 KB

If you don't have .NET Framework (and are on Windows) let me know - I had a hard time finding any real stats on these numbers, even from MS people.

Initial testing done on:

  • Windows Vista Ultimate SP1
  • Windows XP Home SP3

This program has moved from Visual Basic (6) to Visual C#, but still needs a couple of tweaks to be even leaner.


  1. Version 2.0: Initial 2.0 release, rewritten in C#, using .NET Framework 2.0. (2008.06.02 @ 7:30)
  2. Version 2.1: Code should be a bit leaner and faster, after some coding changes. (2008.06.02 @ 21:45)