Content really is key (AdSense)

First, The Framing Business (FB) has earned a couple pennies less than one of the channels I setup for this blog. So, dollars are pretty comparable.

Second, click through rates are fairly equal as well. FB is 0.05% lower than the one channel for this site.

Third, clicks are higher for FB than this one site channel (almost three times).

However, page impressions are over four times as high. Also, this one channel has been in play for a couple of months - significantly less than the single ads on the bottom of The Framing Business pages. Which means?

Content is king. Back when I started I was making zilch, and while I'm still not making much, I'm at least bringing in a steady trickle.

Why? Because I started writing about technology. Because I moved my old articles out of PDF and into HTML content (that I could then attach an ad to). I'm still writing great content, I'm just learning to make it open to a wider audience (non-PDF files), with better ad format(s), and I'm writing more often (although, unfortunately, shorter content).

Just an observation I had recently that I thought I would share.

When it comes to AdSense, content is king. However, while you hear it all the time, you don't realize just how true it is until you see actual numbers.