Congrats Apple - you've gotten away with it

Congrats Apple - you've gotten away with it.

Media 2.0 has pulled out their banners, and is waving them proudly, all the while talking talking about how Safari 3.1 is now a part of Apple Update on Windows.

I'm sure what you're more excited about is that nobody is talking about ... the fact that the size of your updates is as large as the initial installer.

That's right, you've gotten away with it. There are few companies out there that can say that they've got an update, have it be the same as the installer, and actually have that fact ignored by the masses.


As for the minor issue of Safari 3.1 getting pushed out? Tom Krazit has a good post over at CNET - Think before you install - but sadly the people that need it the most won't read it.

Mozilla is just sore that they didn't have a product that they could piggy-back their browser onto, like Apple has Safari.

Granted, the update to Safari should have been optional, unless you've already got another version installed. But, how many times have you had to uncheck the Google Toolbar add-on when installing a piece of software?