Cassini - built and ready to go

Cassini is the product of Dimitry Robsman, and allows ASP.NET applications to be run without a full-fledged instance of IIS.

While Cassini should not be used in production environments, it's more than enough to run for minor development, or even minor projects.

The last official version of Cassini at the time of this writing is Since he's released the source, you can build your own, but what if you just want to download a pre-built version? Well now you can.

Download Cassini

While tempted, I've made no modifications. I have included a simple batch file (_startCassini.bat) however that allows you to copy this and the Cassini executable to a directory, and start Cassini from that directory. This also allows you to distribute your projects to others to run in a test environment. (I believe ELMAH uses something like this, but I kept, and keep, neglecting to look at how he implemented it.)

The batch file is simply the following:

Cassini-v35.exe "%cd%"

Cassini does support additional arguments, which is documented in the ReadMe.txt. The MS-PL license is also included in the zip.

You may also be interested in Cassini++ (I haven't looked into this project) and you'll want to have the current version of the .NET Framework installed.