BlogEngine.NET 1.6 released

  • February 10, 2010
  • James Skemp
  • software

Promising a real comment moderation system, BE.NET 1.6 was released a few days ago.

Having just upgraded from, I wasn't without my issues, but overall the memory footprint doesn't seem too horrible (it's increased a bit again, but ...)

Actually, the memory footprint isn't a minor issue. I have 805 posts with 688 comments, and get between 9 to 10 thousand visits a month. BlogEngine.NET starts at around 150 MB of RAM and jumps up to 210 MB. It's not horrid, but I remember the days when it was nice and lean.

At one point Mads suggested he was going to switch over to IIS 7; maybe we'll see .NET 3.5 functionality first, which might tighten things up. Otherwise it may just mean I need to do a custom build ... or scrap it altogether for a lean system. I don't want to, but ...