BlogEngine.NET 1.4 - Memory usage spike?

Update, July 9, 2008: This update is a little late, but … Mads was able to determine what the issue was and has provided a fix. I'll be trying another update this week.

I recently upgraded to BlogEngine.NET 1.4, from 1.3.

While it was, overall, a smooth enough process, while trying to dig into the large memory usage spike, I ran into a number of issues.

I've written about BlogEngine.NET in the past, and overall I've been very happy with it.

However, upon startup, it seems 1.4 uses 4 times the memory 1.3 did (that's around 130 MB total - with only one visitor).

Huh? That's pretty scary.

I'm afraid that BlogEngine.NET has started to suffer from feature creep. I've got my backup of 1.3.x, so if nothing else I can switch back to that if my application pool keeps restarting (which I'm afraid I'll have to do).

Granted, there's some really nice enhancements, but if I can expect such a large memory commitment, I'll have to downgrade, which means I'll have to think about switching …

And that's a really scary idea, because of incoming links …