Birthday greetings

In fact, I had written just a couple of lines. Stamps increased in price from 39 cents to 41, and forever stamps came out a bit ago (I picked up a packet last week).

There's wildfires in California and Florida, and now in Georgia.

Gas is $3.199, and expected to reach over $4 this summer.

That's not the same order, but that's what I wrote. Then I deleted it all and started anew.

I had lunch today with two young ladies from work at Noodles; it was good.

I had dinner with my mom and sister at Famous Dave's; I had a very upset stomach, but it was good nonetheless.

I plan on purchasing a new lens for my camera this weekend with the $100 from my mom and the freelance money I earned last month (or maybe with my AdSense money? I don't know, maybe freelance paid for Pearl's cat tree ...).

My mom said she'd buy my current camera if she could pay in installments, so it looks like I'll be upgrading ...

I've been saying I was going to get a new lens since at least last year, if not earlier - now, perhaps, I finally am.

I said today that I don't much celebrate birthdays, and it's true. It's like Lent (that's where you have to give something up, right?); I don't 'celebrate' it, and haven't since I was in grade school, because I don't much see the point. You can plan ahead all you want, but that doesn't mean much. That's not to say that we shouldn't have goals, quite the contrary, but ... it shouldn't be just because it's a particular day.

Rather, celebrate each day, in effect. After all, does it really matter that today is my birthday? To everyone else, it's no different than most other Mondays.

You know what I'd really like to have done in a year?

So in short, I'm going to head to bed now, even though it's only 8. Of course, as usual, when I go to bed when I'm not really tired (read: exhausted), I'll be reading until I am tired, or at least until I've reached a good spot to stop. But, perhaps Pearl will head to bed as well, although she'll probably be keeping watch for that cat that keeps harassing her ...

No, I'm not going to get drunk tonight, and yes, there's probably other things that I could be doing, but ... it doesn't matter. And, if I need to say it's because it's my birthday, because no other excuse will do, I won't get bent out of shape if that's what I have to say ...