Backing up my iTunes library - how I do it

Here's how I backup my iTunes library.

My environment

  1. I have a HP Pavilion a620n with Windows XP Home, SP3, where I do my iTunes purchasing and copying to my iPod.
  2. I have an iPod Classic, 80 GB, that I manually sync from my a620n.
  3. I have a HP Pavilion a6360t with Windows Vista Ultimate, SP1.

My method

  1. I do most of my work on my XP machine.
  2. On my Vista machine I copy new music from my XP machine to a to import directory.
  3. In iTunes, I add this directory by going to File > Add Folder to Library...
  4. Once all the folders are imported, I Advanced > Consolidate Library...
  5. Once all music is within the core iTunes directory, I delete the folders in the to import directory.
  6. I then copy the new folders from the iTunes directory to the Pocket Media Drive.

This method ensures that my purchased music is on my iPod, XP and Vista machines, and Pocket Media Drive. Music from CDs is on my iPod, Vista machine, and Pocket Media Drive.

Backups galore.