ASP.NET - really not that horrible and Fiala the philosopher

First off, we've got Fiala's book Practical Pacifism (2004). More will be said about this book in the review that I'll be writing, but it's been grabbing up as much as my free time as it can since the 1st of May (yes, it's been a slow reading on my part, but I have been busy, remember).

Then we've got some ASP.NET reading, particularly with C#. After my limited experience with ASP (regular old), I didn't care for the language, especially after working with ColdFusion primarily. However, .NET appears to actually have it's act together. Many of the things that .NET is discussing are concepts I'm already familiar with because of ColdFusion (which other languages don't share - like a common file that is called before every request, built into the language - Application.cfc in ColdFusion, for example). I've already got a number of ideas of how to use the language, which is good, because you have to use it to learn it ...

Along with this, I've been working with Microsoft's Visual Web Developer (the Express Edition). Unfortunately, I keep switching back to Dreamweaver, since I really like how DW treats my code. It looks like there's settings in VWD to format my code how I like, in some cases, but not all. For example - if I hit Tab, insert a tab, not spaces. If I want my brackets on the same line as my function name, then leave them there - not some of the time, all of the time.

Anyways, more on all of that later.

Then I've got some freelance work that's taking up my evenings and that I've been working on this weekend. There's an older job which had been sitting, but which is now picking up steam.

All of this has combined to make my free time considerably shorter. And to this the fact that I picked up some PS2 games, and I've been playing them when I can, and I've filled up my free time, which means no additional questions for Gavin, yet, and no photos to Nick, yet (or printed out for my mom).

Finally, it's been nice as of late - not hot and sticky yet, save one day - so I've been trying to get out and get some pictures taken. It's raining today, or I'd try to head out again, especially since I've just picked up some money for another job, and will be getting more money on Monday, so I'll be picking up a new lens for my camera (finally!). As with the above, more on this later (read: Monday or Tuesday, if not tonight, for this particular item).