Applications I have to install on my core development machine

Here's a listing of applications, as I run into them, that need to be installed on my core development machine.

  1. TortoiseSVN
  2. iTunes
  3. Oxygen Xml Editor
  4. Visual Studio
  5. CollabNet Subversion
  6. FileZilla FTP client
  7. Sun VirtualBox
  8. Serious Samurize
  9. 7-Zip
  10. Amazon MP3 Downloader

Why bother creating this list? Because at the moment I've just upgraded to Windows 7 and need to reinstall my programs. Above is the order I did it.


On every computer I touch for more than 15 minutes, I always add Notepad to the Send to menu. But where is it on Windows 7?

In Windows Explorer, type the following to immediately go to the SendTo folder:


That's easy.