An interesting monologue overheard - July 8, 2007

This weekend we went down to the Capitol for Madison's farmer's market on the square.

While walking towards the square (the streets surrounding the Capitol building) I overheard a glimpse of a man's speech. While I only heard part of, and I have no idea what was going on before or after the conversation, it sounded quite like a monologue.

The gist of his speech was that there's a fight to give illegal immigrants legal status in America. However, his brothers (I hesitate to say that, as I'm not sure that's the word he said, but I can't think of what else the word could have been) are sitting in jails.

While illegal immigrants have been on my mind, as a philosophical/political issue, this individual brought up a rather good point.

From his perspective, he was seeing some rather interesting actions coming from America.

To some sense, I share his wonder.

But, as regards this general issue, I'm still thinking on it ...