An Inconvenient Truth

I just saw An Inconvenient Truth this afternoon.  If you've any desire to see it, see it.  If you're concerned about the environment, see it.  If you care about (extended) family members younger than yourself, see it.

What bothers me is that now that I've seen the movie, I want to donate - I want to write, etcetera - but where's the call to action?  Turns out it's at

By filling out just a couple of forms, you can send a message to your representatives.


One comment on the movie: I would have liked to have seen the graphs once again at the end of the movie, during the credit crawl.  After an hour and a half plus, we're likely to forget some of those graphs.  Alternatively, the slideshow presentation available online (in Flash format, for example) would also be great.  Even if people aren't willing to sit through a movie, they may be willing to watch a short slideshow ...