AdSense on the spammer sites

Hurting Comment Spammers links to Hitting Comment Spammers and Plagiarists where it Hurts, where the author discusses reporting spammers to AdSense. Again, it's about time one of larger 2.0 advocates starts injecting a worthwhile idea in the hive.

Honestly, I'm being harsh, but this is something that a number of people have already been doing. After all, spammers don't make their money out of thin air anymore - the dot-com burst the bubble, and with the new bubble, it's not quite so easy to get a ton of money out of investors.

Anyways, I hope this catches on with the hive. I'd like to see the advocates create a site where this information can be tracked. As I said in a comment to the first linked site above, we need to track what sites we're reporting, and get enough people to make it count. I report sites when I see them, but I don't hear anything back, and when I report a site, but 2-3 weeks later see the site still using ads inappropriately, I don't feel that I'm really making a difference, or being listened to. I'll still keep reporting, but, it's time for this to be injected into the group-think.

I really dislike writing about Web 2.0 ...

Update May 15, 2006 @ 9:31 pm

Which is to say, sorry if I step on any toes in this post, but sometimes I'm disappointed that it takes this long for people to see methods that can benefit a group of people outside of the Web 2.0 community.

WordPress is a great example: Sure, you can use it in it's standard sense, or you can use it as a pretty good CMS - like what I did for The Framing Business.

Heck, even a wiki can do some good ...