A preview of the new StrivingLife.net network

At this point, this will probably be 'the' look. I've tested the layout in both Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera, and am happy with how it looks. You'll notice, if you use Internet Explorer, that the page is not displaying correctly. On IE, the left-side of the page will display well below the 'bottom' of the page. There are number of ways to fix this (and I've had to 'fix' something like this before), but, it's a working draft of the new layout ;)

Some links will work, and some will not. If I update the layout, I'll be sure to post here. While I'm a fan of these particular colours, there will be the ability to change these. At this point it's not possible, but I've tested this functionality and have a working page with this implemented (not available at this time).


Comments are always welcome.