2007: A Year of Possibilities, Part 1

1) Two side tables. One for my bedroom, with a drawer near the top for my wallet, keys, and etcetera, and high enough that I can put my alarm clock on and see it. The second can be a little squatter, since it'll rest in my living room.

2) A couch. I've got a futon in my living room now, but it's a hassle for watching much of anything, unless you're laying down.

3) A projector? I've been toying with the idea of a projector, instead of a TV, for a little while now. Why bother with a new television, when I can pick up a projector and watch tv, movies, and games on one of my rather bare walls? Heck, a semi-decent screen could even be purchased ...

Update: Mark posted a recommendation in the comments for a very nice projector, for a very nice price. Not quite out yet, but I think I may just have found the first thing on my list ...

4) Shows on DVD - Miami Vice Season 3, CSI Season 5 +, House Season 3? It's questionable how many of these will be released by 2007, but these are what I'm looking for.

5) Games. Wii, once the price goes down a bit more, and they become easier to find. Kingdom Hearts II, once it sells new for $19.99 (GameStop and Best Buy appear to have no in-store stock, so that's a very good sign), and a handful of other PlayStation games, mostly RPGs (since length does matter, and most RPGs have hours of game-play).

6) Small table for my kitchen. I'm lacking on shelf and counter space, and desperately need something for in the kitchen. I don't have a whole lot of space, so the 'table' needs to be tall and skinny. The two walls I have have heaters near the floor, so that limits my options. I'm thinking an open metal-framed 'thing' that I can throw a nice piece of cloth over, and then use shelves inside to hold my stuff ... Any ideas? (Photos to come.) (Added 12/31/2006)

I figure if I can save $50-$100 dollars a month, I can pick up three or four items during the course of the year ... Donations via PayPal are accepted - link in the footer of every page. ;)

Of course, what I'm really looking for is recommendations (particularly for the projector - which I've received) or your own lists. What are the handful of things that you've been wanting, or needing, that you'd like to pick up this year?

List last revised December 31, 2006.