10 random reasons why I bought a Playstation 3

Reason #1


Reason #2

I already own a Playstation and Playstation 2. When I can get a machine that will play those games, why wouldn't I keep with it? After all, the Playstation has never failed me.

Reason #3

Free online play. With wi-fi support built-in.

Reason #4

Heavenly Sword. This was the first real Playstation 3 game I played. With the trailers, I was expecting a Devil May Cry kind of game, but wow. I haven't played God of War (I'll probably pick up a copy at some point), but if this is the female version of God of War …

Reason #5

The ring of death.

Reason #6

The controller. Honestly, the Xbox 360 feels really awkward. On the other hand, the Sixaxis controller does take a little practice.

Reason #7

Not only does it play regular DVDs without problem, it plays Blu-ray videos as well. Right out of the box.

Reason #8

The Playstation 3 doesn't become a fire hazard once you plug it in. 

Reason #9

It's so quiet, you don't even know it's on.

Reason #10

The Playstation 3 is overpriced? Of course, once you factor in what you need to purchase in order to make the Xbox 360 comparable in features … you're out of luck.

And why would you offer a Halo 3 version of your machine, and not include Halo 3 with the purchase? That's questionable marketing practices.